The Art Newspaper
* Referenced in three Iranian newspapers (details to follow).
Birkbeck College
The British Film Institute
(with Academy Award winning film preservationist, Kevin Brownlow - work cited on the official wikipedia page of 'It Happened Here' -
The Story of Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon: The Greatest Story Never Made (Published August 2019). Interview with Executive Producer Jan Harlan (during the Cannes Film Festival).
Article can also be obtained on JSTOR and in the George M Manuel library at Carolina University.
Cinema Jam
The Culture Trip
Writing and research cited on:
Little White Lies
Museum Journal
Museum of...The Cartoon Museum (Published in The Museums Journal: November 2019)
Interview with Director Becky Jefcoate
Museum of...The Museum of Comedy (Published: August 2020)
Interview with Founder, Director & Curator, Martin Witts (the CEO of Leicester Square Theatre)
The People's Movies
The Covent Gardener
Remembering Phillip Poole: The 'Pen Master' of Covent Garden (Published: November 2020)
*Project* (Science edition: March 2021) Working with the Curatorial team@The Science Museum.
The Quietus
The Royal Photographic Society
Review: Fox-Talbot - Dawn of the photograph at The Science Museum
Review: Otherworlds at The Natural History Museum
Savage Journal
Review: Asking Rembrandt @ The Old Red Lion
Review: Trainspotting @ The Kings Head Theatre Pub
Scream Magazine
Remembering Sam Loomis: The Silent Hero of Horror (Published December 2019)
A piece to celebrate Donald Pleasence in the 100th year of his birth.
Revisiting The House on Haunted Hill (Published February 2020)
An appraisal of William Castle's cult classic horror.
The Stage
Boris Karloff Documentary In The Works - ready for publication: January 2021


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